Fiona began her singing career at the age of 14 when she undertook classical vocal instruction with an internationally acclaimed opera singer. At the age of 17, she expanded her musical direction into the pop and jazz field, embarking on her professional career in Cairo, Egypt where she debuted at a private party in honour of the actor Omar Sharif. Since then, Fiona has enjoyed a successful career as an entertainer performing in International hotels throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, has worked as a session vocalist in The USA and recorded her own CD of original songs.

Fiona Wright - photo shoot at Thredbo, NSW 

Fiona’s love of the guitar has led her now to work as a solo artist, accompanying herself with her acoustic guitar, and showcasing her love of all genres of music with an extensive repertoire ranging from jazz and blues, to folk and funk, to classics and current hits.

In addition to solo work, Fiona enjoys collaborating with other musicians as a duo, trio or larger ensemble, and has a number of talented musicians she regularly performs with whom she can call upon to join her when the occasion arises.


As a Registered Music Therapist, Fiona is very aware of the value of connecting with people through music, and the importance that song choice, dynamics and quality sound has on creating the perfect ambience and mood of a venue.